Processes, restructuring and cost reduction

Results: Restructuring of processes to make them more efficient and effective, with a higher level of governance, risk control and cost reduction of 5% to 15% Monitor all equipment in real time on a single digital platform
LEAN- A method that enables a more efficient, continuous and leaner flow, while adding value to stages.
Six Sigma
Six Sigma - Management strategy to improve the steps where value is added by reducing variation or the level of non-compliance, leading to more efficient processes

Big Data, AI and specialised Analytics

Data visualisation with intelligence and relevance to monitor the main KPIs, make possible decisions based on concrete data and predictive models.

Data Lake ionic Health.

Machine Learning

Image Machine LearningMachine Learning

IT Outsourcing, Integration, Information Security & LGPD Processes, restructuring and cost reduction.

+ 2 pb

PACS/RIS/LIS Management

50 +

Monitored links

500 +

Monitored services

2k +

Monitored stations

100 +

Monitored firewalls

Security & LGPD Experts

Cloud Computing Experts

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