A bit of
our history

To understand who we are today,
it is important to know our origin

NESS was created in 1991 with a focus on innovation and transformation, delivering results with speed and security. Just like the world and technology, over the years, the company has also undergone constant transformations.

In 2016, its three main verticals of operation: health, legal and security began to follow their own paths.

And, from a spin off, NESS Health was born, which enters the discussion of innovation and digital transformation in the area of diagnostic medicine, in addition to the desire to contribute to the improvement of health and bring better results for patients.

But the changes did not stop, demanding not only more technological advances but also a more prominent positioning.

The time had come for our own identity based on the principles that guide our area. Embedding in our history an element that would bring out and that was able to really connect with our essence.

And that is when, in 2021, IONIC Health was born.

There is no diagnostic medicine without ions.

There is no transformation in the sector without IONIC Health.

The ion, which is the main element of diagnostic medicine, has a characteristic of energy, of change, of transformation, of bringing something new and unveiling a new vision.

And this role is also that of diagnostic medicine. From the moment it transposes and changes the way of seeing the human body, bringing a new look and perspective to diagnosis and health.

Diagnostic medicine is made by ions, by atoms, by radiation, ionisation, just as computing is made by bits, bytes, transactions and energy. The concept of IONIC Health isto bring the combination of computing and diagnostic medicine applied to business.

We are ionisation: IONIC Health transforms and changes the future of diagnostic medicine through digital transformation.

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Digital transformation is in IONIC Health's DNA

Digital transformation is today the great differentiator for companies in this sector and it is in our DNA.

IONIC Health is a 100% Brazilian company, specialized in innovation and transformation in diagnostic medicine.

IONIC Health is based on evidence-based medicine and patient needs for the choices of incorporation of new technologies and allocation of resources. Besides seriously conducting new studies in order to ensure the transparency of the process and reduce subjectivity. This is because our commitment is to improve the outcomes of diagnostic medicine and support the shared confrontation of health problems in Brazil through the support of technology.

Our portfolio of solutions addresses the dimensions of effectiveness, safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and implementation potential, generating transparent decision-making criteria, fairness and comparability between different interventions for different modalities in diagnostic medicine.

Technology and methodology applied in innovative solutions

IONIC Health is part of the incubator Eretz.Bio, an initiative of the Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein, which promotes innovation, development and excellence, in addition to the desire to contribute to improving health. Our robotics, research and development laboratories have the most innovative technology to produce software and hardware capable of adding efficiency and quality, contributing to the best outcomes in diagnostic medicine.

Our team is present throughout the development process, from idea generation, screening, prototyping, testing, analysis, development, validation, homologation and launch.

Each stage of the product life cycle is managed using agile methodologies to accelerate deliveries, breaking the whole down into incremental deliveries, working in self-organised teams and making use of collective intelligence through the direct involvement of multidisciplinary teams.

Doctors, engineers, developers, statisticians, researchers and artificial intelligence experts use variable models to compare methods and validate solutions to guide decisions in individual and collective health.

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